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“Ti” is the chemical name for Titanium, which is the world’s strongest but yet lightest metal at the same time. The two seemingly paradoxical qualities of Titanium are exactly what make it unique, where the synergies between the two qualities make it a valuable and efficient raw material. Titanium is often mixed with other metals such as aluminum and vanadium to create alloys that can be applied across various industrial uses, ranging from aerospace applications to sports equipment.

Ti Investment Holdings is founded on the concept of leverage in strategy, human capital and corporate development, where we seek to maximize the enterprise value of the company and its stakeholders. A firm belief in the values of professionalism, commitment, integrity and progressive thinking lays the foundation for the way we conduct our business.

As with how Titanium is combined with other metals to form alloys, Ti Investment Holdings strives to establish strong, long-term partnerships with entrepreneurs, their major shareholders, senior management teams and capital sources to help companies achieve their maximum potential within their industries.

Since our inception in 2010, we have led direct investments and provided corporate development advisory services in growing and transforming privately held entrepreneur-owned and family-owned companies to professionally managed enterprises. We also co-invest with prominent venture capital and private equity firms across Asia. As an investor, we take pride in adding value to our investments through our Ti Growth Model and our customized corporate governance and strategic growth initiatives.

Our Objective

Our objective is to realize industry leading capital gains and diversification for our shareholders through investing in companies across a diverse range of industries. Our founders, associates and Ti operating partners have accumulated extensive hands-on experiences in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME). We specialize in strategy consulting and corporate advisory having seen through advisory projects involving more than 30 companies across various industry sectors. These experiences include strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), initial public offerings (IPO), due diligence, operational performance improvement programs, financial and cash flow management programs and organizational development.

Additionally, we seek to invest with and partner entrepreneurs, major shareholders and senior management teams in identifying growth opportunities and implementing fundamental strategic and operating changes to bring about substantial and sustainable increases in revenue, profits and cash flows. Our intimate understanding of the various constraints and risks facing SMEs has allowed us to customize innovative and pragmatic business advisory and funding solutions to moderate risks associated with investments in companies. In this way, we provide our portfolio companies with the financial flexibility necessary for them to achieve their strategic corporate objectives.