What We Do
About Us

We work with highly motivated entrepreneurs and management teams of high quality companies to develop long term value creation strategies that benefit all stakeholders. We bring objective and insightful advice to the table, backed up with thorough research, to help businesses identify and capitalize on business opportunities.

Once we form a partnership with a company, we stay deeply involved in its business operations, providing the needed expertise and support to successfully implement business strategies. We seek to increase revenues and profits through corporate development initiatives like strategic alliances, joint ventures, improved marketing strategies, new product investments, operational improvements, and strategically selected acquisitions.

Each potential investment is led by our managing director and an operating partner with the relevant industry experience. We work closely with our clients’ management teams to understand their unique business propositions and markets. We also work with people in the senior management to understand and quantify business fundamentals, key success factors, revenue and cost drivers and strategic risks. Together, we strategize to identify and implement profit maximizing opportunities.

We perform extensive due diligence pertaining to business, legal and accounting processes, culminating in the preparation of a detailed long-term strategic roadmap and execution plan. The management team of each portfolio company is responsible for achieving the performance targets agreed upon in this plan.

Although we strive to establish close working relationships with each of our portfolio companies, we fully respect and appreciate the fact that the individual responsibilities of investors, advisors and operating management must be drawn clearly. From the start of every relationship, we provide ongoing support in the areas of business advisory, acquisitions and long-term strategic planning, all the way to the next liquidity event.