What We Do
About Us

Our investment philosophy revolves around entrepreneurs’ ambitions and motivations. We support entrepreneurs and their teams by enhancing their corporate development as well as through investing in them to align everyone’s interests in growing the companies.

We also partner with other established private equity companies and ultra high net worth investors in collaborative efforts to complement and create value for entrepreneurs and business owners to realize the full potential of every investment.

Our investment experience lies in traditional manufacturing, F&B, real estate, consumer products, education and service companies. We have not invested in sectors such as technology and emerging health science as they are not in our circle of competence. We target established companies with recognized industrial or consumer brands that hold niche market shares as they offer attractive platforms for long-term growth and profit optimization.

Every single investment decision we make is backed by extensive, fact-based research. We run each of our portfolio companies through a rigorous due diligence test to make sure that their competitive positions and unique internal dynamics are aligned advantageously with external factors such as macroeconomic conditions and industry trends before making any capital commitments.

We have a system of evaluating and identifying high performance and dedicated entrepreneurs and management teams as we believe that human capital is most critical in all organizations.

By investing a deep pool of our own resources and connections into our investee companies and committing resources to their corporate development, we put our money where our work is and align our interests and incentives with that of investee companies.