Alignment of interests

Before we make any investment decision, we believe in first gaining a deep understanding of the motivation and passion that drive the entrepreneurs we work with. These must be aligned to their companies’ core values before we start our process of due diligence, transaction execution, and investment monitoring.

We strongly believe that investments can only be successful if the interests of entrepreneurs, management teams and investors are well aligned. To show our commitment to our investments, our partners also make substantial personal investments in our transactions. The senior managers of our portfolio companies are encouraged to make direct investments in their companies. Managers receive incentive compensations and additional equity interests generally in the form of performance shares that are carefully structured to align with their companies’ short-term and long-term goals.

Transformation Imperatives

We invest in and work strategically with middle market companies with enterprise values of S$20 million – S$200 million. We also seek to partner professionally managed private equity and venture capital firms in Asia to provide growth capital. By helping our portfolio companies to transform and breakthrough their constraints and subsequently maximizing their operating performance potentials, we help build the companies to last beyond their founders’ lifetime. This in turn creates value for stakeholders. We believe in the life’s work of entrepreneurs and seek to preserve their core ideology while seeking progress in untapped opportunities.

Corporate and Organizational Development

We assist entrepreneurs in developing and institutionalizing corporate planning and development. The core philosophy is to seek alignment in strategies, tactics, organization systems and structure, incentive systems, management team and job design amongst other key success factors relevant to the specific industry and business model.